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Cultivating a Thriving Workplace Culture: The Key to Innovation, Profit, and Retention

#businesstips #cohesion #culturematters #engagement #highperformance #innovation #leadership #strategy Oct 03, 2023


I am a firm believer that high performing teams and organizations have a commitment to creating a positive and fun work environment. This is what I refer to as workplace culture. 

A strong organizational culture not only fosters a positive work environment but also plays a key role in driving innovation, boosting profits and retaining top talent.

Recently, I came across an article from Harvard Business Review, The Impact of Organizational Culture on Business Success. This study focused on why culture isn’t just a feel-good thing that’s nice to do thing when you have time.  If that is our attitude as a leader, we will be missing out! 

Here are my 3 Critical Take Aways:

Innovation: A robust workplace culture empowers your team to think outside the box, take calculated risks and collaborate effectively. Organizations that prioritized culture experienced a 20% boost in innovative ideas from their teams.


Profitability: Organizations reported a 10% increase in profits when employees self-reported a positive workplace culture. This isn't just about feel-good vibes. It's about tangible results driven by higher employee engagement, improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity.


Retention: High turnover rates can be a massive drain on resources. A strong culture, however, fosters job satisfaction and boosts employee loyalty. Companies with a thriving culture experienced a remarkable 24% reduction in turnover rates. Imagine the cost savings and stability that can bring to your organization.


Here are three real life examples of how leaders are building culture in the real world:

Google: Google is renowned for its innovative and inclusive culture. They encourage their employees to spend 20% of their workweek on projects of personal interest, fostering creativity and innovation. Their commitment to a positive work environment has contributed to impressive retention rates.

Zappos: The online shoe retailer Zappos places a premium on customer service and company culture. They have a unique onboarding process where new hires are offered a cash incentive to leave if they feel the company isn't the right fit. This approach ensures that only those who genuinely align with the culture stay and thrive. 

Salesforce: Salesforce is dedicated to its core value of giving back to the community. They offer employees paid time off to volunteer, contributing to a culture of social responsibility and employee engagement. This commitment to social impact has helped attract and retain top talent.


Ok…always great to cite a HBR study but how do you go about intentionally building it.

Let me share a few nuggets that have worked for me in building happy, healthy, winning teams.

  1. Recruit on the Front End. Meaning…Define your core values and show your warts and pimples early in recruiting. Don’t woo folks with false promises or only shiny bits and bobs that may or may not happen.  If budgets are tight let them know up front. If the office is small with no window, show it to them as part of the tour.  When we are open about challenges up front, many recruits will remove themselves from the equation early in the process. The ones who choose to come are much more likely to stay and be happy with their choice. 
  2. Be Intentional in Creating Relationships. Leave space for small talk at work. Create exercises that help people get to know each other. Earmark space and budget for workplace socials. You have heard me refer to this as social cohesion. These practices create meaningful connection at work and fosters psychological safety. Psychological safety leads open communication which helps folks engage in expressing their ideas and concerns, which in turn, leads to better processes and products.
  3. Create Opportunities for your Team to Learn and Grow. When we invest in employee development employees are more likely to be engaged. A simple question that has served me well over the years is, “Where do you want to be five years from now with your career?” The answers shape the development and opportunities for training, skill-building, and career advancement I offer. When employees see that their organization invests in their success, they're more likely to stay and contribute positively to the culture.

Building a thriving workplace culture is not just a one-time effort, it's an ongoing commitment. The rewards of a strong workplace culture are well worth the investment. 

So, my friends, it's time to roll up your sleeves, embrace the power of culture, and watch your organization thrive like never before. Remember, culture isn't just a buzzword. It's the heartbeat of your organization. Lead it, nurture it, and let it take your team to new heights.


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