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Start the business.

Get that advanced degree.

AND feel as confident as you look in your Profile Pic.


The Confidence Catalyst™ is inspired by Dr. Ivan Joseph's PhD research, and teachings on the topics of grit, resilience and confidence. Ivan's record-breaking TEDx Talk, The Skill of Self-Confidence, has 26+ Million Views and was named by Forbes as one of the Top TED Talks About the Meaning of Life.


See Ivan in action: 26+ Million views TEDx Talk, 'The Skill of Self-Confidence'.

Named by Forbes as one of the Top TED Talks About the Meaning of Life.

The Confidence Catalyst™ Course

$9.99 USD

This is a one time fee- no subscription required!

  • Step-by-step video course led by Dr. Ivan designed to help you grow your confidence 
  • Includes exercises, worksheets, tools, tips, and guides
  • Dr. Ivan's custom-curated Self-Confidence resource list 
  • Introductory Assessment Tool (to establish your confidence baseline) 


    For a limited time ONLY $9.99 USD


Imagine, in as few as 25 days:

  • Having clarity and confidence to take focused action, (demand that well-deserved raise!)
  • Feeling accountable to yourself to meet goals and get stuff done, (ahem, unfinished projects anyone?)
  • Peace of mind that you are around people who have got your back, (goodbye toxic 'frenemies')
  • The certainty that you can weather tough times and come out on top, (with fewer bruises and NO scars!)

"When I watched his TED talk about building the skill of Confidence, it was like a light bulb went off for me. I fell madly in love, and was like, ‘I’ve got to have this guy on my show!’”

- Jillian Michaels

Photo of Dr. Ivan Joseph and Lewis Howes at The School of Greatness.

"Dr. Ivan is an expert at understanding what motivates people and how they can build themselves up to optimize their performances. He is an absolute master when it comes to building self-confidence, and developing positive beliefs about yourself."

- Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness

What people are saying:

When I saw that Ivan was sharing this course, I knew I had to take it. Ivan really cares about what he shares and has learned most things from his personal experience. Shortly after completing the course, I got a job interview that I went into filled with newfound confidence, positivity and focus on success.

- Brian
VP, Enrollment Advisory Group

Ivan: this course has been a game-changer for me. I have followed your career for more than a decade, (watched your TED Talk dozens of times, read your book and publications), and must say that I have been waiting for this opportunity. The strategies and tactics totally resonated with me, and I am amazed at how I have been able to incorporate the learning into my life so quickly and functionally. Without exaggeration, I already feel happier, more focused, and motivated!
- Krista
Human Resourcess Director

Ivan has changed my whole perspective on the subject of self-confidence. His tips are so easy to implement and each step is a step closer to a whole new outlook on life. The key to success is repetition and it’s true. The course not only impacted my self-confidence but also my relationship with my kids.

Compliance Executive

Everyone says “you *just* need to be more confident”—but that’s easier said than done, right?

I see you. 

I’ve felt the soul-crushing weight of “not-being-enough” and I’ve seen the way it keeps you from reaching out and claiming what you want from your career, your relationships, your life. 

All these doubts? They’re driving you down a road to nowhere (at least, nowhere you want to be).

All that negative self talk running through your head ad nauseam—it's not your fault.


You hear the “gurus” say “It’s all about confidence” yet time and time again you feel like an imposter...

And then you feel like a failure for not being able to 'think yourself' out of the negativity and imposter syndrome...

**The truth is, it’s not your fault that you’re stuck in this shame-spiraling cycle of self-doubt.**

And simply reading another self-help book, starting a new diet, banging a golden gong in your meditation room, binge-watching “LifeHack TikToks”, or perfecting your Vinyasa is ultimately just providing temporary relief and distraction instead of actually catapulting you toward your goals.


Enough is enough. The time for a real solution (a permanent one, that is) is here. And it looks like this:

✅ Long-term, permanent change—so you're not stuck on a hamster wheel of seeking that "hit" of external validation.

✅  A system you can follow that makes good habits come naturally (instead of white-knuckling your way through the tough days).

✅  Crème de la crème of research-backed, proven strategies, (no wasting your valuable time).


Here’s how the system is broken down into 5 easy-to-implement modules:


From individual students to massive companies, this specific curriculum has helped people just like you achieve excellence.

Hi. I'm Dr. Ivan Joseph—but you can call me Ivan.

I am a PhD Sports Psychologist, a University VP, and best-selling author. I have spoken and coached all over the world. I have worked with Olympians, National Champions, and the biggest business leaders.

But I didn't start out this way...

I struggled with self-doubt all throughout my life (and even hit rock bottom when I failed out of my freshman year of University).

It wasn't until I began researching the links between self-confidence,  grit, and high-performance that I started to realize that the same patterns that had kept me stuck in a cycle of doubt, and not claiming my potential, were actually incredibly common. And surmountable.

I developed the Confidence Catalyst Method™ to help people step into their most confident selves and not just achieve, but actually believe they were worthy.

So, before I go any further...let me get crystal clear with you on what I will and will NOT do for you inside the Confidence Catalyst.™

What I will NOT do:

  • Make dubious claims based on nonsense or 'secrets'—this course is grounded in scientific research.
  • Bore you! As a professor and professional speaker, I guarantee to keep you absorbed and inspired every step of the way.
  • Provide a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Use this course in a way that best suits you (There are MORE than enough resources for all learning styles).

What I WILL skillfully, and enthusiastically do for you inside the Confidence Catalyst™ is this:

  • Provide FAST actionable steps, activities and frameworks that you can put into immediate action, and see immediate results.
  • Deliver results, results, results. Unlike many other coaching programs, I go beyond jargon and focus on long-term, sustainable transformation. 
  • Teach you the concrete exercises of the highest-performers. The things that 99% of people aren't doing.

So—what do you say?

Will you allow me the privilege to guide you there?

This is what to expect inside The Confidence Catalyst™

  • Stress-tested strategies: Everything I teach you has been rigorously researched and tested in my own life and lives of tens of thousands of people I have coached, trained, mentored and taught. Not every strategy will work for every person, but I have made sure the ones I recommend are the best of the best so you don’t have to waste your time and energy.

  • Stories that stick: Stories make the world go 'round. They also make lessons interesting and entertaining and help ideas stick in your mind so you waste no time, and know exactly what to do when a tricky situation arises.

  • Science-based research, explained simply: If I’m recommending an action, you can be confident that I did the research, and I’ll explain everything you need to know without jargon, filler, or fluff. And if you're curious about the details and studies I have included a full list of resources in each section.

Frequently Asked Questions: