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If you loved Ivan’s TEDx Talk this book is for you!

Studies show that the happiest, most successful people have a deep-rooted belief in themselves, and their ability to accomplish any task.

Award-winning coach, mentor, and speaker Dr. Ivan Joseph shares a transformational guide to sky-rocketing your self-confidence.  Self-confidence is a skill that you can master, and this book provides step-by-step exercises to guide you towards greatness.

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Ivan's Book, You Got This

What Readers are Saying:

This book is thought-provoking and inspiring at the same time. It is a book that will help anyone build their self-confidence.
It is a MUST-HAVE for everyone, and it should be introduced to students, youths, and athletes at an early stage of their careers. This book could be the difference in pushing one's self and achieving greater heights.

If you have heard Dr. Ivan Joseph speak before, you can tell he passes into this book the same passion, love, integrity, and intensity he uses to engage his audience. Excellent speaker and now has shown that he is also an incredible writer.

Best book I've ever read!

Wow. This will become the new book you recommend to everyone you know from now on. Inspiring, fun and thoughtfully wrote. A must-have to your home library.

This book gives a more detailed and broader version of his TEDx. It also has a number of pragmatic exercises to engage the reader. It has good depth but is still a very quick read.
If you want to build your self-confidence, this book will become your go-to resource.

I appreciate the simplicity of this book. It’s short. It’s sweet. Dr. Joseph has an easy way of explaining concepts of managing your mind so that you remain confident. I also appreciate the simple tasks he assigns you to foster your own self-confidence. I know I shall return to this text often. Very accessible read.

Dr. Ivan Joseph delivers his material through the means of his personal struggles as a human being and a coach. Through trial and error, he has tested out different methods of developing confidence for himself and his students. Awesome read. I highly recommend it!

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